On the remote you will see a house this is the home Key. You can use this to move between menu's.

When you press this key you will see screen 1 

When you see screen 1 press

the home key again the you will see screen 2.

Then select the settings menu by using the side arrows on the remote

as shown opposite you are now on screen 3

then scroll down the screen until you see Reboot Device press ok on this and the  box will reboot

Reboot Instructions


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How To Sync Time and Date

Press the home button on the remote​.

This will take you in to the main menu 

Screen 1

then press the home button again

see Screen 2

Then scroll across to settings

and press ok

Screen 3

Then scroll down to  Servers and

press ok

Then scroll down to servers 

and enter the text on the screen opposite