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Check buffer settings as below if your system seems to be freezing.  Once these are checked and confirmed are all exact then please call your internet provider if you are still experiencing freezing .  IPTV Spain cannot be responsible for your internet.

On your screen please see the bottom of the listing where you can choose video club/series etc.  Arrow along until you get to Settings.  Press ok.  Using the arrows in the centre of the remote arrow down to Advance Settings.  You will see buffer size in the first box at the top of this section.  Ensure this is set at 7.  To change this arrow right or left.  Arrow down to Ok at the bottom of the page and press ok on the ok icon.  Using arrow keys again arrow down to Local Timeshift,  Second box from the bottom should say Save Buffer.  If it doesnt then arrow right to change it to Save Buffer.  Arrow down to OK icon and press ok. You must now go down to Reboot Device and press ok.  Box will now reboot to save settings.  TV will now come on.

Q1. I have no sound.

A.   Check volume is turned up on tv and on the iptv box. 

    Please check HDMI cable. Unplug and plug back in.  IF no better then please try a new HDMI cable. 

   If it is only one channel with no volume then please text, whatsapp or email IPTV Spain so that we can check this channel.

Q2.  I have distortion of picture on all channels or lines on the screen.

A    Follow instruction for question 1.

Q3. My screen is freezing.

A    Follow instructions for checking buffer settings as above. If settings are all correct then you needs to contact your internet provider.  This is an internet problem not a problem with our IPTV box

Q4. I have a NO SIGNAL message on my screen or a date and time moving around the screen.  

A    This is not the IPTV box.  You are on the wrong source for the box.  It is important you know which source you are running the box on.  

       Our installers will advise you if this on installation. If you have installed yourself you must remember which source you used. Normally it          will be HDMI

Q5. The remote control for the box does not work.  If I press any buttons the box does not respond.

A     Change batteries in remote control.  If this does not solve the problem then you will need to purchase a new remote.  Please call  or text

       699386277 to order one.  These are kept in stock.

Q6. 1 button on my remote does not work.

A     You will need to purchase  new remote.

Q7.  My tv screen has page loading error on it.  

        This will only appear if you have no internet or a router problem.  If you connect directly with a cable it is important that you unplug the 

        router and also the IPTV box.  Leave these unplugged for 2  minutes.  Plug internet back in and then IPTV box.  IF this does not resolve 

       the problem please call you ISP.

Q8. I have a message on my screen saying ethernet and internet disabled.

       You have no internet so please contact your ISP.

IPTV Spain cannot be responsible for any internet issues and you should speak to your internet provider.  

If you have any problems that you require a technician to attend we can arrange this for you.  If the box is the problem and is under warrenty then this visit is free of charge.  If it is internet or any other issue then there is a 35 euros call out fee to pay to the technician.

To Update your software

You need to unplug the box and plug it back in again.  You get 3 screens - Infomir screen, loading screen and then loading press menu button screen.  It is important that when the third screen appears you hold down the menu button ( lines 3 dots) until you get a select portal for loading screen.  Go down to System Settings and press ok.  Go down to the bottom of this page (you will not be able to see softward update until you scroll down).  Press ok on softward update then ok on http and then press F1 button at top of the remote (red button on remote).  You will see an empty bar slowly fill up showing the % of the download.  Obviously you have to be online for the box to download this  When the bar is 100% the box will automatically reboot and return to the programme you were previously watching.  Do not touch anything whilst the upload bar is moving as you will lose your update.